I Agreed To Marry Ikechukwu Because He Proposed In Public – Sarah Ofili

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Sarah Ofili, has revealed her reason for accepting Ikechiukwu’s 2011 proposal.

The m@d€l, who granted an interview to Elsie Godwin for her show ‘Crux of the Matter’ revealed a lot while speaking on the topic; ‘Surviving a Broken Engagement’.When asked about her engagement to the rapper, specifically, who broke it of, Sarah said, ‘In my case, I did’
On why she accepted to marry him, she said:

‘because of pressure. he proposed in public and I’m that kind of typical ride or die girl, I won’t embarrass my man in public even though I felt he put me on that spot and he shouldn’t have, but he was smart he knew if he did it privately there was a chance I’ll say NO because a day before I had seen a message on my sister’s phone tryimg to help him plan the surprise and pick a ring and I went crazy. I was like HELL NO, don’t do it, stop whatever you are planning but he still went ahead to propose’She continued:

‘on the day he proposed, I was talking through my teeth like ‘nigga don’t do it, nigga get the FUUu(k up’ but he did and I said YES, but really I do envy girls that are bold enough to say NO on the spot’.

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