The life and death of one of the most sought after pop legends of all time, Michael Jackson, has been shrouded in controversy over the years. Here is all you need to know about his life.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s death at the age of 50 prompted an outpouring of grief across the world and sparked a controversial court battle that led to his personal physician being jailed.
A series of shows on Channel 5 has covered his life from emerging as a child star with the Jackson Five to transforming into a global pop sensation – with all the controversy that entailed along the way.
Here’s are the facts of Michael Jackson’s death, and what his daughter has said about it:
When did Michael Jackson die?
In his testimony, Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray said he found the singer in bed and not breathing on the afternoon of June 25, 2009.
The pop legend had been rehearsing past midnight on the night of June 24, ahead of a series of comeback concerts at the London O2 Arena, and had not left his bedroom in the morning.
After trying to revive Jackson for five to ten minutes without effect, Murray realised he needed to call for help, and paramedics were eventually called.
They performed CPR on the singer for 42 minutes at his house in the Holmby Hills, Los Ange|€X, before he was taken to the hospital.
The ambulance arrived at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre at 1.14pm, and Jackson was pronounced dead after over an hour of attempted resuscitation at 2.26pm.
What was Michael Jackson’s cause of death?
Michael Jackson died of an overdose of the drugs propofol and benzodiazepine after suffering a cardiac arrest.
An autopsy also found the drugs midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine in his body.
In the trial of Murray, the defence claimed that the singer had overdosed on the drugs himself after the physician left him in his bedroom on the day of his death.
However, the prosecution claimed Murray was incompetent and had used the anaesthetic propofol without the correct safeguards, and a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter in November 2011.
Jackson’s personal physician was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released in October 2013 after serving |€Xs than half of his jail term.
The singer had a long history of health problems, and had sparked concerns a month before his death after postponing several of his high-profile comeback concerts.
Who did Michael Jackson marry?
Michael Jackson had  two high profile short-lived marriages during his life.
The first saw the King of Pop marry The King’s daughter when he tied the knot with Lisa Marie Presley in 1994.
Elvis’ only child and Jackson met for the first time in the 1970s but grew close as adults in the early nineties.
Michael reportedly relied heavily on Lisa Marie for support when he first became embroiled in allegations of child abuse.
They would later split in early 1996 with Lisa Marie citing "irreconcilable differences" as grounds for divorce.
Despite the break up Presley told Oprah Winfrey in 2010 that in the four years after their separation they would have an on again off again relationship as they repeatedly tried to reconcile.
In the same year that he split with Presley, Jackson married a nurse who worked with his dermatologist who was treating him for vitiligo.
Debbie Rowe had been a longtime fan of the star and offered to have his children, she was announced as being pregnant in 1996 and the same year the couple would wed in Sydney, Australia.
During their marriage she would give birth too two children but the pressures of being in the public eye proved too much of a strain for her and the couple divorced in 1999.
How many children did he have?
Michael Jackson had three children in total, two with his second wife Debbie Rowe and one from an unnamed donor.
Michael Jackson’s three children (left to right Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris)
The children he had with Rowe were Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, also known as "Prince" in 1997 and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson in 1998.
His third child Prince Michael Jackson II, nicknamed "Blanket", was born in 2002 to an unnamed mother.
The youngest Jackson has since changed his name officially to "Bigi" after it was revealed he was bullied as a result of his the nickname his dad gave him.
Blanket was infamously dangled over the balcony of a Berlin tuneel room shortly after his birth by his dad as the paparazzi waited outside.
What has his daughter Paris Jackson said about it?
In her first ever interview with Rolling Stone the pop icon’s 18-year-old daughter Paris has reopened the controversy around her father’s death with a series of explosive claims – namely that her father was …. ed in what she says was a "set up".
“He would drop hints about people being out to get him. And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna …. me one day,’” Paris revealed.
“It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bulls***, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bulls***,” she said, adding that “a lot of people” wanted him dead.
She also spoke out again Conrad Murray and claimed AEG, the agency who promoted her father’s comeback tour, played a part in him passing away – despite them winning a wrongful death lawsuit against the family.

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The life and death of one of the most sought after pop legends of all time, Michael Jackson, has been shrouded in controversy over the years. Here is all you need to know about his life. Michael Jackson   Michael Jackson’s death at the age of 50 prompted an...