Revealed: This is What Floyd Mayweather Said To Conor McGregor In Between Rounds During Their Fight

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The exact thing boxing great, Floyd Mayweather said to UFC king, Conor McGregor during their boxing bout, has been revealed.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather during the fight
World famous boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather has revealed exactly what he said to rival Conor McGregor after beating him at the weekend.
It will be rcalled that as "Money" Mayweather unloaded a string of punches to the UFC brawler’s head and body he was seen talking to his opponent in his ear.
Now Mayweather, 40, has lifted the lid on exactly what he mouthed to "The Notorious" during their toe-to-toe battle.
According to the Daily Mirror, after pushing McGregor, 29, following the fifth round, Mayweather said: "You still haven’t knocked me out?
"You said I wouldn’t go past four – when are you going to use your power?"
Mayweather also said: "Is that all you’ve got?"
McGregor surprised the boxing world by appearing to edge the first two rounds of the contest at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
But he succumbed to fatigue and Mayweather pounced by launching a tirade of blows before the referee stopped the fight in round 10.
Mayweather revealed he also didn’t spar for the final month of his training camp due to a hand injury.
He added: "We had a cool training camp, but I didn’t do any sparring for the last month.
"My hands are real brittle and I wanted them to be solid when I came out here."

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