Why Nigerians Must Pay Higher Electricity Tariff – VP Osinabjo

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VP Yemi Osinbajo
While speaking at the 6th Presidential Business Forum held at the old Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo on Monday, said payment of high electricity tariffs is inevitable for Nigerian electricity users.
A statement signed by Laolu Akande, the vice president’s media aide, quoted Osinbajo as saying that the government is, however, trying not to increase electricity tariff for now.

“Listening to questions concerning lower tariffs, we must pay higher tariffs, these sorts of things are inevitable,” Osinbajo said.

“What we are trying to do is not increase tariffs for now, but how we can ensure we clean up the entire value chain. I’m sure you are aware of the Payment Assurance Guarantee which we put in place for over N700 billion to ensure gas is paid for and for liquidity in the whole value chain.

“Today, we will be meeting with the World Bank on a scheme they have been working with us on to fund the entire value chain, and ensure we transit smoothly from where we are, to a much more market-determined policy for electricity.
"This will involve a fair amount of subsidy and help, the Federal Government and World Bank are working together on that. There is no way of sustaining the current subsidies long term, but we want to ensure the process is smooth.”
The vice president explained that President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that a small committee to look at the issue of intervention funds in agriculture be set up, adding that government would ensure that the agricultural intervention funds go to the right people and also monitor the use of the funds. 

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  1. This is a government of deceit, lies,frustration and hopelessness. PDP came in with no shoes, they bought shoes and the shoes in our legs but millions of Nigerians could still feed. Now this government came with change we voted them in and turned Nigerians into beggars and thief’s on the street because of the highest level of unemployment in the history of this our great country Nigeria. Mr. Fashola has been consistently associated with hardship for the masses even as the Governor of Lagos State (by making empty promises to Lagosians about avoidable housing without any proper plan in place to tackle the issue thereby leaving the people of Lagos state helpless to the angry hands of Lagos Landlords) and now making life more harder for the people of Nigeria by re-introducing toll gates that has been forgotten a long time ago, and increasing electricity tariff for the masses. My question is what have this government done us since occupying the position of The dead party (PDP) only for increase of Petroleum prices,High cost of living e.t.c. Look at the people we so called put in power have destroyed our educational system taking their children over seas for school the only legacy that Nigerians can offer their children with has been systematically destroyed over the years. Vacant job in government parastatals are given to their children and relations when they return from their schooling oversea leaving the ones that have fought their way through schooling back in Nigeria jobless and frustrated. We should stand up to fight these BLOOD SUCKING DEMONS (VAMPIRES) either PDP or APC they are the same. NIGERIA WAKE UP

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